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Orwellian Nightmare

You Won’t Believe What They Found In The Covid Vax! MIND BLOWING! (VIDEO)



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Download the PDF evidence breakdown file below

Magnetic Phenomenon (CV19 Vials).pdf


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Exhibit A, B & C I have assembled all of the scientific evidence I can find from micrographs, experimentation and scientific analysis by scientists, doctors and bio staticians from Germany, Amsterdam, America and Spain

Exhibit D Is a real world analysis on the post – vaccine magnetic phenomenon, literally thousands of videos posted online showing evidence of magnetism on the body, after the vaccine.

Exhibit E (UNDISPUTED DISCOVERY) In JAPAN — we go through what the government said about millions of vaccines being contaminated with magnetic material

Exhibit F I expose the Australian health ministers involvement with Graphene Oxide, how he funded research at his bothers lab to be conducted — which involved controlling a mouses brain with graphene oxide.

Exhibit G This one concludes everything, it’s my favorite exhibit — I found the rockerfeller patents for this technology – which involves controlling consciousness via graphene oxide / radio waves.

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