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Poll: 88% Believe Inflation Is Going To Get Worse Under BidenProTrumpNews Staff



The American people know the truth. 

A new poll found that 88% of Americans expect inflation to get worse under Biden.

88% also called inflation an “important or somewhat important” political issue for them.

The Washington Examiner reported:

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Virtually all people in the United States, 88%, believe inflation is here to stay and will soar more, continuing a troubling trend under President Joe Biden.

While the White House has given conflicting signs about the inflation potential, projections shared with Secrets from the Statista Research Department show it increasing at about 2.5% through 2024 and “tapering off” by 2026. It’s currently at about 5.4%.

And people are feeling the heat, paying 45% more for gas, 44% more for fuel oil, 5.6% more for milk, and even 8.4% more for bacon.

As a result, many are bummed out and ready to sock it to politicians. The hashtag #Bidenflation has been trending recently.

Here are inflation numbers by item:

The Biden administration tried to spin out of the rising inflation and gas prices by telling Americans that they were saving them $0.16 cents on their July 4th cookout.

It didn’t work.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported:

Well Biden is delivering Americans 16 cents in savings — and bragging about it!

The White House actually claimed that a July 4th cookout in 2021 is down $0.16 from last year.

16 cents!

Not a word about gas prices though.

Gas prices hit a 7-year high as stations run out of fuel going into the 4th of July weekend.

The US national average price for regular gas is $3.10 per gallon – up 42% from this time last year.

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Predictable: 58% of American Voters See Far Left Mainstream Media as “Enemy of the People” — 83% Say Fake News is a ProblemJim Hoft



58% of voters believe the mainstream media is “the enemy of the people.”
Maybe it’s all the lies.

Rasmussen reported:

Voters overwhelmingly believe “fake news” is a problem, and a majority agree with former President Donald Trump that the media have become “the enemy of the people.”

A new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports finds that 58% of Likely U.S. Voters at least somewhat agree that the media are “truly the enemy of the people,” including 34% who Strongly Agree. Thirty-six percent (36%) don’t agree, including 23% who Strongly Disagree. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

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Another 83% of American voters see fake news as a problem.

The Examiner reported:

But there was some agreement on “fake news,” another Trump phrase, being a serious problem. A supermajority of Republicans, 92%, said it is a problem, as did 74% of Democrats. Overall, 83% said it is a big problem.

Notably, said Rasmussen, independents generally agree with Republicans on the “enemy of the people” question, at 61%.

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Poll: 36% Believe Biden Is in Charge, Majority Say ‘Others’ Are Directing His Agenda



The survey, taken June 23-25, 2021, among 1,086 respondents, asked: “Do you believe President Biden is fully executing the duties of his office?”

A majority, 56.5 percent, said “no, others are directing policy and agenda,” compared to 36.4 percent who believe Biden is truly directing all his own policies and agenda items.

While the majority of Democrats, 58.6 percent, believe he is directing his own policy and agenda, the same cannot be said of Republicans, 83.6 percent of whom believe others are directing Biden’s policy and agenda. Notably, a majority of independent voters agree with Republicans that others are calling the shots for Biden.

“President Lincoln’s famous refrain that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time has never been more relevant and critical to the survival of our American Republic,” Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action, said in a statement.

“The American people deserve transparency from the Biden Administration as to the true state of the President’s mental and physical health, and leaders in both parties in Congress need to follow through on this immediately,” he continued.

“The continued failure to ask hard questions and demand real answers is a disgrace to the foundation of our democracy,” he added.

The survey’s margin of error is +/- 2.97 percent.

Suspicions over Biden’s devotion to the far left spanned far before he took the presidency, with many predicting he would serve as nothing more than a Trojan horse for the radical left’s agenda. Former Vice President Mike Pence issued that exact warning during an October rally in Tallahassee, Florida.

“I mean, when you look at their agenda, the agenda that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to bring to the White House — higher taxes, open borders, socialized medicine, a Green New Deal, abortion on demand, defunding the police, packing the courts — it is clear,” Pence warned.

“Joe Biden may be nothing more than [a] Trojan Horse for the radical left. He would take our country somewhere we have never been before. Now, Joe Biden said democracy is on the ballot. Well, I think our economic recovery is on the ballot. I think law and order are on the ballot,” he added.

Far-left Democrats have since turned their focus to abolishing the filibuster to pass their radical agenda. Meanwhile, Biden said he will not sign a bipartisan infrastructure deal unless it is paired with a partisan funding package for entitlements, stressing the need for what he dubbed “human infrastructure.” That reportedly includes free universal preschool and childcare.

“Well, my party’s divided. But my party’s also rational,” Biden said.


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Covid 1984

Poll: Most Americans Want No Governmental Action on Coronavirus Delta Variant



The Trafalgar Group asked respondents if the government should take action on the coronavirus delta variant.

Sixty-three percent said the government should take no action, considering “the widespread availability of the vaccines and treatments individuals can to make personal decisions on how to respond.”

17.7 percent said “government should reinstate mandates for mask wearing and social distancing.”

And 12.3 percent said they were not sure.

The delta variant accounts for about one in every five coronavirus infections in America, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said.

And due to its growth, the establishment media is pushing “officials to rethink Covid-19 measures, even for the vaccinated.”

CNN reported that “with more than half of the population still not fully vaccinated, according to the CDC, health experts and officials worry that regions with low amounts of virus protection could see surges in the fall and winter.”

Despite the establishment media’s narrative, Chief Executive Officer of Moderna Stephane Bancel said, “The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine should remain protective against newly detected variants. These findings highlight the importance of continuing to vaccinate populations with an effective primary series vaccine.”

The poll was conducted between June 23-25 with 1101 respondents of likely general election voters with a 95 percent confidence rate.


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